Lords of War: Kargath Bladefist

For nearly the whole of this past year at Blizzard, I've been working on a project that eventually became known as Lords of War.  It was originally conceived as the spiritual successor to The Burdens of Shaohao but having to do with the upcoming release of the Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft.  My life has been a parade of orcs for these past many months.

I began working with director Doug Alexander on it last December.  He did layout (i.e., shot composition) as well as various and sundry ridiculously important things that directors do (you know.. the story). I developed the art style within that direction, and integrated/designed the characters and environments, trying to do something interesting within the Warcraft universe that's true to the game but also (hopefully) working in its own context  In the end it took over a year and a whole lot of other people, but it's finally out there in the wilds of youtube!

Spoilers below the line

If you care about being surprised, I suggest watching first.

It was a great, skill-stretching experience.  I can only describe it as hybrid existing somewhere in between illustration and animation.  It would never have happened without the extreme perseverance and late nights by Doug, who was really the progenitor of all of this.  He's a humble guy, but deserves all the credit in the world.

Kargath killing the final orc

My role in the whole business was developing the art style and going from layouts to illustrations.  In the first two episodes, I was responsible for the finished drawings, colour scripts, and a small amount of the final colour.  Most of the colour was not done by me, but by the incomparable Charles Lee.  For most of them on this episode, I was in charge of the black and white -- a division of labour not dissimilar from comic book artists.  

Kargath dreaming of freedom.  Or... I guess not freedom so much as dreaming of decapitating ogres.  Lucky for him he'll get to do a lot of that.

Big Bad Orc

I did have the privilege of doing the complete shots for the fight sequence at the end of the show.


I think this is what happiness looks like.  Possibly not for the ogre.

There are 4 more episodes.  Look for more posts on the art soon!

The Egg Thief and the Headless Horseman: Process Videos

It has been tremendously long in coming, but I've finally got off my duff and uploaded a couple of process videos to Vimeo.  It is not unlikely that many of you have seen these before, but at the very least it is an easy permanent place to find them should you ever want to do so again :)


The Egg Thief can be found finished in the Illustration Gallery.


The Headless Horseman was created for Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft TCG and the final can be found in the Illustration Gallery.


I have also been faffing around with camtasia.  More on that later, potentially.