Lords of War: Hellscream

The second episode of Lords of War was actually the first one we made.  When you make anything new, the first time you try it, it's full of a lot of things that need working out.  The first time usually takes the longest.

The first piece below was the first painting in the series where we all looked at it and thought it was right for the show.  Something that was attractive, but achievable in the time allowed.  Trying for tight pockets of rendering with large, splattery, scratchy looser areas.

Grommash Hellscream - My painting on Doug Alexander's layout

My painting on Doug Alexander's layout.

You can see on Grommash a couple different "animation" phases of his arm.  The banners on his spears were left straight so that the cloth could be easily animated.

Though I did do these two pieces myself, most of the colour was not done by me, but by Charles Lee.  Here are a couple of my raw BW pieces that Charles ended up adding colour to later.

Grommash on the tree and the ogre

This wolf... and the back of an ogre's head

Would you believe I'd never drawn a WoW ogre before this?   ... I guess that's probably not that hard to believe.  The parade of orcs goes on!