Lords of War: Durotan

The most enjoyable episode for me to work on was probably Durotan.  This is pretty much entirely due to the subject matter (I love me some wolves), and the schedule at this point allowed this to be the only episode whose final art I worked on pretty much on my own.  The simple needs of the story helped this.  When your backgrounds are just trees and snow, you can concentrate a lot on the characters and action without getting bogged down too much in the ambience of the situation.

Don't get me wrong, ambience is awesome, but when you've got to finish 91 shots in 6 weeks, it's nice to embrace the simpler side of things.


Watch first if you care to!

Also around this time, Blizzard's wonderful Video and Post Production department were making a couple of "Behind the Scenes" videos to accompany the series.  They didn't end up getting released till after all 5 episodes were already out, but they made one consisting mostly of yours truly talking about art things.

Let me tell you -- it REALLY helps to have an awesome editor/interviewer that will ask you good questions and later edit out all your various ums, ahs, and awkward pauses.  He managed to make me sound like I knew what I was doing.  You're the best, Lucas!

The Frostwolf clan of orcs hang out with wolves ... in the frost.

Durotan is shown here as a kid with his mom's wolf, Stormfang.

The Garn (aggressive big black wolves) were invented in WoW specifically for this story, however I think we may have met them elsewhere before.  Possibly in conjunction with several below-market-weight hogs.

They get a little roughed up.  Poor dears.

The introduction of the red in every episode was a thread tying them all together, stylistically.

Moral lesson - if you screw up and accidentally kill your best friend, you get to wear her as a hat for all time.

I can't help but feel more connected to Durotan as a character after drawing him so much.  Funny how that happens, really.